Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Upcoming gigs and events:

April 25th/26th- I will be in Chicago performing lyra and hand balancing with Cirque-tacular Entertainment.

April 29th/30th - I will be in Philly performing hand balancing contortion for ImagineAerial Productions.

May 17th-19th -I will be in Nashville performing as an aerialist with fellow cirque performer Kris Olness. This will be for the Opening Ceremonies with Destination Imagination/ Global Finals. This looks to be an exciting event so please stay tuned for more information.

June 28th -  I will be performing hand balancing acrobatics in a bubble for the company Modern Gypsies Productions.

August 1st- I will be performing hand balancing/acrobatics for a "white party" in the Hampton's. This event is in conjunction with  Cirque-tacular Entertainment and Great Neck Games and Production.

August 13th - working with the fabulous Elaina Royter and her new company Cirque Central. This will be held at the luxurious venue Goldbar. This is a corporate EventNY launch party where I will be a golden girl acrobat hand balancer!