Friday, December 6, 2013

Fall / Winter Happenings!

Happy Thanksgiving and beyond! The end of Summer into Fall has brought so many new and wonderful performing opportunities. After finishing up another preproduction workshop for an undisclosed off-broadway show (top secret- very exciting!!!), my aerial company, 2 Ring Circus, was invited by our management to perform at the Zachary Scott Theatre in Austin, Texas. Being a fellow Texan, this was an extra special treat to go back to my home state where family and friends reside and do what I love. I also began performing aerial at Galapagos Art Space in their weekly Floating Kabarette here in nyc. It was a thrill to get booked here with fellow aerialists I respect. Here is a link to one of my lyra acts with more to come!

In addition, I have had many other performing opportunities in the aerial world. It has allowed me to push boundaries and has proven a natural progression in addition to staying in the New York theatre scene. It has become "home" for me and I absolutely love it. In fact, in the upcoming weeks I will be performing with fellow aerialist Joshua Dean in shows and events at Cipriani, Webster Hall, and Capitale with the Gypsy Kings playing live. All very exciting!! I am so grateful for the abundance of performing jobs I have done this year. There are more to come and I am looking forward!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL!!! Love, ame