Saturday, June 29, 2013


Andddd it's Summer!! With it comes so many fantastic new jobs, gigs, and shows. I am overflowing with abundance. So very thankful.

Being the newest member of 2 Ring Circus, a brand new part was created for me, (Lil Belle!) in their show Cirque Le Jazz. We performed the newest version of this show at Galapagos the week of Mother's Day to great response. It was my very first time performing at Galapagos and I hope to be back.

I also had the privilege of being asked to work on pre production for 2 high profile brand new Broadway shows that are in the workshop/lab phase. An honor and shock to say the least! The specifics are under wraps at the moment but this was an experience like no other. I was so humbled and in awe of these people and thrilled to be in the room creating. More to come on these ...

Shortly after closing Cirque Le Jazz I auditioned and booked one of the shows in this year's New York Musical Theatre Festival. The show is one of the main shows in the festival this year to be performed at the brand new Signature Theatre. We just were asked to preview our show at New World Stages Summer Concert Series in World Wide Plaza. This was such a thrill and I am so happy to be part of this cast. Please follow the link for more details : .

Most recently, I performed with my fellow 2 Ring Circus duo partner, Joshua Dean, at Dixon Place. We premiered  a new acro/adage duo piece to much success.  It was a brand new venture for me and so artistically fulfilling.  Here is more information on this exciting event!

So as you can see, it is a busy summer to say the least. In addition to currently rehearsing for ..."angel deluna", I have begun a lyra intensive and will perform a brand new piece in August.

Here's to a fun-filled summer to everyone working hard and doing what you love!!

amy rebecca