Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy 2013 and Spring everyone!  I have been  busy with many exciting opportunities in 2013.  An update is long overdue.

On top of signing with KMP Artists for representation to Domestic and International markets, we premiered our newest creation entitled "Gravity: A Vintage Affair" in New York City to full houses and great response. We were honored to showcase this new show for the APAP Conference.  

Next up, we are hard at work on a new show based on the Alice In Wonderland stories with yours truly being Alice!

In addition, we shot a pop music video entitled "Am I?" for Asian Pop Star Madu. It was an incredibly cool experience to be a part of and we eagerly await its release. 

However, the most rewarding of all is the creation of a new 2 person show with the incomparable Joshua Dean, artistic director of 2 Ring Circus. I am so honored to work with him. Never have I been so fulfilled and pushed to the utmost of my abilities and beyond. He believes in me and makes me better than I thought I could be. I am so grateful and flattered to be creating with him what will be an incredible show. He is hands down the most talented, giving, gifted, incredible teacher, performer and friend I know! He is the reason I am able to do things I never thought possible. Everyone should be so lucky! :)

Again, have a happy Spring everyone. Soon I will have a separate website just to book for aerial gigs with all my new aerial photos and recent videos. So please keep checking back for the link for that.

Thanks for visiting!