Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hi everyone. Happy Summer 2010. Im currently enjoying my time in East Haddam, Connecticut. Im rehearsing for the musical Carnival at Goodspeed Opera House. We just completed our third week of rehearsal and are about to go into tech week. It is an exciting and intense project to say the least. Im humbled by my talented cast and so very honored to be a part of it! The creative team is fabulous and I've always aspired to work at Goodspeed. I'm currently training on the lyra as one of the aerialists. The lyra is similiar to a hula hoop hanging in the air like a trapeze. Its extremely hard work but quite fun as well. Im so happy to learn this new still for the show. To find out more info about Carnival or any other shows here at Goodspeed, please visit Keep checking back for more up-to-date info regarding my current show! Have a great summer! amy